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We supply Easy to Use charge and Go simple set-up High-Quality GPS products 


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We supply Easy to Use charge and Go simple set-up High-Quality GPS products

GPS iTec2 tracking solutions for Trucks, Vans, Cars, Bicycles, Boats, Bikes, Quads, SUV's
Heavy Duty Building Plant, Diggers,Tractors Generators and Similar. iTec2 tracking solutions protect against theft.
GPS Tracking and Alarms to Monitor Steel Storage Containers Protect against break in iTec2 solutions have the unit covered
GPS iTec2 tracking units to help the Elderly and Vulnerable people or persons with the early stages of Alzheimer's or Dementia.GPS iTec2 safety Tracking Solutions have this problem covered.
GPS iTec2 Tracking for
Children and toddlers in nursery see our Blue Tooth iTec2 Tracking Solutions
GPS iTec2 Tracking Solutions to locate lost  Animals, Dogs, Horses, Cats and Similar
High Value Industrial equipment or machinery iTec2 GPS Tracking Protects against theft
Use iTec2 GPS Tracking Solutions for protection of Asset's or High Value Possessions, Bags, Sports Equipment and similar items in Transit.
iTec2 GPS Marine Navigation Antenna & Aerials with brackets the perfect solution for replacement of your small craft GPS antenna and aerials.
GPS Tracking for Cars, Boats, Caravans, Motor Homes, Motor Bikes, Bicycles and similar GPS iTec2 GPS Tracking Solutions are ideal

General Information

A GPS Tracker is a device that allows the user to find the exact location of a Vehicle, Person or any kind of  Asset, Plant or Equipment to which the tracking device is attached. iTec2 GPS Tracking Solutions have it covered.

iTec2 GPS Tracking units use the Satellite Global Positioning System (GPS) to transmit the exact location displayed on a live detailed map to your Smart Phone or PC. This location information is transmitted live in real time and updated using SMS text messaging or on-line tracking if PC based.  The iTec GPS tracking data gives detailed information and provides pinpoint accuracy of present location and movement, direction and speed, all this is displayed on an easy to read map. iTec2 GPS Tracking units can be used anywhere in the world with the use of a local Sim card. A useful feature of the iTec2 GPS Tracking devices is the ability to set a Geo-fence Border. The user can set a perimeter area whereby if the tracking unit moves out of this perimeter then it will immediately and automatically send a SMS text message to the user to alert them the unit is on the move.


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